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American Spoon - Peanut Free Products Information

Peanut Free Products Statement

Please note that American Spoon products do not contain peanuts and are designated as peanut free.

Beginning in 2007 we completely eliminated all ingredients containing peanuts from our preserving kitchen. So, although you might encounter an allergen statement declaring peanuts on labels of our products made prior to 2007, ALL OF OUR JARRED PRODUCTS made in our facility in 2007 and after, are peanut free.

Please note that some of our gift assortments include a product made by another manufacturer that does contain peanuts. Our Family Pantry - Gift 608P & Ultimate PB&J Box - Gift 515P, include Koeze Company Natural Peanut Butter. Again, this item does contain peanuts.

Please read the ingredient statements provided on our web site and all of our labels, very carefully.

Thanks and I hope you will let me know if you have additional questions.

Justin Rashid

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