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American Spoon - Gluten Free Products Information

Gluten Free Products Statement

Beginning in 2007 we began the process of becoming gluten free. We eliminated all glutens from our production line and facility. American Spoon then turned its attention to our ingredient suppliers. Although most of our ingredients were certified as gluten free by their producers, a couple of products were identified as being gluten free but being produced in a facility that also processes products containing gluten.

For this reason, we identified 2 of our JARRED products as not certified gluten free. They are our Fruit Perfect Marionberries and Fruit Perfect Blueberries. We are working however making all of our jarred product gluten free as soon as possible.

You might encounter an allergen statement declaring wheat on labels of our products made prior to 2007, Note however that all of our JARRED productS (minus the 2 listed above) made in our facility in 2007 and after, are wheat and gluten free.

THE FOLLOWING AMERICAN SPOON PRODUCTS, HOWEVER, DO CONTAIN WHEAT FLOUR AND ARE NOT GLUTEN FREE. THEY ARE PRODUCED & STORED AT A DIFFERENT LOCATION THAN OUR PRODUCTION FACILITY. American Spoon Wheat N’ Malt Pancake Mix, American Spoon Buckwheat Pancake Mix, American Spoon Chocolate Fruitcake & American Spoon Midwest Christmas Stollen. Please be aware that these items are included in a number of American Spoon Gift Assortments.

In addition, some of our gift assortments include products made by other manufacturers that do contain wheat and gluten. For example, our Pick of the Leelanau - Gift 512 includes Stone House Cherry Walnut Bread. The Entertainer - Gift 251P includes East Shore Dipping Pretzels and Neva Betta Crackers. Again, these items do contain wheat and gluten.

Please read the ingredient statements provided on our web site and all of our labels, very carefully.

Thanks and I hope you will let me know if you have additional questions.

Justin Rashid

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